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Greetings from India, we are located just outside of New Delhi, the capital city in a picturesque SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE, dedicated to exports. We are spread over an 10,000 sq meters land, with a manufacturing area of 60,000 sq feet and an office block of 4,000 sq feet. 
Sequel Alloys & Wires Private Limited commenced operations in 2005. We export to USA, Germany, Poland, Italy, UK, China, and are always looking at expanding our customer base.
Our specialization is conductors : copper alloys, copper, silver plated copper, nickel plated copper, copper clad steel, flat wires, copper mesh, voice coil lead wires, railway catenary conductors.  We have a diversified product base.
We are ISO 9001:2015 & DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 and we are green, we care about our environment.


Sequel Alloys & Wires Private Limited has been promoted by Global Signal Cables ( India) Private Limited. Global Signal Cables ( India) Private Limited was a joint venture Company with Global Wires Inc, USA, which owned MontgomeryWire Corporation, USA, Wire Wynd, USA and Drahtwerke Waidhaus, Germany. Subsequently Global Wire INC’s USA operations were acquired by the International Wire Group USA.


Go India is the way, we have the infrastructure, the skilled people and a world class manufacturing base in a peaceful, green oasis called – NOIDA SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE. We are always open to partnering with forward looking, future in mind companies, who can add value and expertise to our existing operations. India continues to be a low cost base country and manufacturing out of India can be a treat for any Global player.

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